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After much work, time, and anticipation my new book: “The Christian Graces: God’s Blueprint for Developing the Complete Christian” will officially be available next week! It is 67 pages long and is intended to be useable for either personal Bible studies or a Bible class from High School age through adult. The book centers on a study of each of the elements of the Christian Graces: defining them, seeing how they are used in Scripture, why they are given in the listed order of 2 Peter 1:5-7, and how they work together to develop the complete Christian God wants each of us to be.

If you would like a copy, please visit to purchase the Paperback or the E-book edition. The retail price is $5 for the Paperback and $2.99 for the E-book.

I hope this book will be useful to your studies and that you will consider it for use with your children in teaching them the character God wants them to develop.

Attached below is a sneak peak at the book. I have included the introduction to give you a greater idea of the direction and style of the book. I hope you enjoy it!

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The book of Second Peter relates a number of encouraging and useful passages to give strength and confidence to the child of God. Of these, there is probably none that is more familiar to most people than the statement of 2 Peter 1:5-7, commonly called “the Christian Graces.”

In just three short verses, the inspired apostle Peter relates a blueprint for the development of every Christian. It does not matter one’s age, gender, background, or social standing, these are the developmental principles necessary to be complete and effective as members of the body of Christ.

Unfortunately, it is true that in many cases we give only a cursory glance at the details of Christian life related in these few verses. Many assume that they understand what Peter has written and neglect to delve deeper into what this standard entails. These few words, however, form the foundation of every aspect of individual development discussed in the New Testament – their weight and power cannot be over-emphasized.

In this study, it will be our endeavor to examine each statement made by the apostle in these verses. In the process of doing so we will examine the usage of each of these words, both in their context and in their overall usage in Scripture. We will also examine what applications are necessary to our lives in order to fulfill this blueprint to become a complete Christian.

As the study of this passage begins, it must be noted that the words used in Peter’s admonition form a proverbial blueprint to complete Christianity. Each principle dictated in this passage is a step in the blueprint and is dependent upon a knowledge, understanding, and cooperative application to be as productive as it should be. One cannot start at the end and work his way backward, or pick and choose which principles he desires and come to the final conclusion as a complete Christian. That is not to say that it is impossible for one to have any aspect of the latter principles until they have fully implemented the former ones; however, it is impossible for one to fully accomplish the full Biblical intention of each successive principle without the proper understanding and application of the preceding principles.

These introductory matters having been discussed, let us consider the Christian graces as delivered by the apostle Peter.

Chapters include:

1 – Giving All Diligence

2 – Add to Your Faith

3 – Virtue

4 – Knowledge

5 – Temperance

6 – Patience

7 – Godliness

8 – Brotherly Kindness

9 – Charity (Love)

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