The Jenkins Institute – Webinar Solution Report

Basic Evaluation Standards

Webinar Solution Report (Download PDF)
  • Useful for monthly webinar presentations.
  • Price point of $30/mo.
  • Small learning curve.

3 Services:

(By Citrix)

Basics & Appearance

  • Each service provides a different feel, ease of use and price point.
  • Saba is the most “professional looking” product.
  • Go to Meeting is the most visually appealing product.
  • What Features Do All of the Have?
    • Free Trial Periods (15 – 30 Days)
    • Screen sharing
    • Video & Audio conferencing options
    • Recording Capabilities


Basic Evaluation:

  • Positive:
    • Best Price Point.
    • Video & Audio possible.
    • Audio clear (even on slow connections)
    • In-Browser only use (runs inside your browser window)–Easy access
    • Integrated selling of tickets through AnyMeeting+Paypal (Fee = 10% + $1 – Maximum $9).
  • Negative:
    • Flash Based
    • Not Mobile Compatible (because its flash based)
    • Slightly more jerky in visual effects than GoToMeeting.
    • Not the easiest for setting up microphone
    • In-Browser only use (runs inside your browser window)–Less choice on viewing options

Price: Free (with Advertisements).

Obviously this would be great if you weren’t doing it as a paid service because it would keep costs low, but you have your customers looking at constantly changing adverts on the right-hand side of the page (See example below)

(Main program image--notice its inside browser) --Click images to enlarge

Cost without Advertisements ($17.99 – Still lowest cost for 25 participants):

General Features:

(Feature-set similar to others--Except tickets)

One contrast of AnyMeeting to Saba or GTM is that the main scheduling area is inside the website, and not in a downloaded program that exists on your computer. (I believe any of them can be schedule from the websites, but AnyMeeting is exclusively setup that way).

This is the screen from which you can schedule/start a webinar or get access codes for people to call into the webinar (no Toll-Free number available for free version).

My thoughts: This one is probably not the option you want what you’re doing unless money really becomes an issue. Access to mobile devices (tablets at least) seems like a fairly high priority. Has some great features, but probably not the best in the areas you want. (This is a recorded tutorial webinar that gives you a good glimpse into the use of this product, but also includes some “best practices” for webinars at the beginning. The beginning is DEFINITELY worth you taking the time to watch. Points like always host and present from a computer that is directly connected to your modem/router by a cable instead of using wireless. Check it out.)


Video Presentation of Saba in action:

Basic Evaluation:

  • Positive
    • No slick interface, just a straight-forward program appearance.
    • Easiest method of sharing files.
    • Best method for sharing images and PPTs (if the PPT can be shared as images instead of being “presented.”)
    • Most powerful for giving files to people during presentation.
    • 1GB of storage space available on Saba’s servers for your files (I think this includes the recordings of your webinars).
    • Java based
    • Mobile Compatible (iPad & iPhone, but apparently not android).
    • Price ($19.99 for 25 participants)
    • Pre-Setup an “Agenda” of files that you activate and it automatically gives access or presents that file to the Attendees.
    • Browser & Non-Browser participation.
    • Optional “push-to-talk” feature (walkie-talkie type usage keeps feedback low, but can be turned off)
  • Negative
    • Least straight-forward screen sharing (but the tutorial on how to do it is on your screen every time you launch the Saba Centra program).
    • A windows style program layout (Not as visually appealing)
    • Crashed on me twice (neither time during a session, but afterwards).
    • My brother (on a very slow connection) had a hard time joining via browser, but no issue doing so via downloaded program.
    • Had some issues connecting to the meeting via browser. Flawless function is your attendees download the Java program though.
      (Which they would want if they were going to do this consistently anyway)

Screen Shots:

Pricing Compartison

saba - Product Comparison


(Saba – YouTube Video about iPhone/iPad participation)

Product Data Sheet (PDF):

Tour of Desktop Version of Program:

Main Screen

Tutorial comes up in main window at every launch of the program


This is the kind of email is formulates to send people so that they can join your meeting)


Top-Bar Controls

Side Bar Controls

Option to import file or insert file for participants to download, or insert URL (pronounced ‘earl’) that will bring up a browser window and take them to the selected web address.

(Importing options for importing a Powerpoint)

Full-Screen Mode (Click image to get large image)

Application Host View (Click Image to see Larger View)


Video Presentation of GoToMeeting in action:

Basic Evaluation:

  • Positive
    • Slick interface
    • Easiest and most intuitive setup
    • Video is very bandwidth heavy if someone has a very slow connection.
    • NOTE: I went to cancel my trial and they offered me an annual price of $368 for the basic GoToMeeting (which is $29/mo). You might try to get that to come up.
    • Recording went better than Saba or AnyMeeting.
    • Finished product was very usable and you can specify the format you want it saved in.
  • Negative
    • Price ($50/mo for only 15 attendees–incl. presenters)
    • Cannot transfer files as easily as Saba

Information About Non-Profit Possible Discounts (contact this person for GoToMeeting) Non-Profit discounts unavailable for Saba.:

Hi Aaron,

We do have special discounts for nonprofit, approx. 30% off our regular prices. I’m off the Santa Barbara CA for our Summit until Feb 7th, I will on and off line all week.

Thank you,

Jane Sheridan

Jane Sheridan | Associate Sales Representative

Citrix Online Division

Citrix Systems, Inc. | 14 Crosby Drive | Bedford, MA 01730
T: +1 781-999-9960 | C: +1 978-973-8229 Pricing for Non-Profits (if you have TechSoup account for Church or non-profit) This makes GoToMeeting or GoToLearning ($120/yr) a GREAT VALUE and the answer.

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