PTP 2015 – B.J. Clarke – What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Whatever It Is, Be a Good one!

(How Many Want to be Preachers or Missionaries?)

This is one of what I consider to be the most important lesson that I will present during this week.

Asking the young men…


US Army
Canine Unit
Creative Writer
Policeman (or preservation of endangered species)
Computer Engineer
Reconstructive Psychology

Matthew 28:18-20

Mark 16:15-16

Wherever the Bible has gone, society has been improved and wherever it has been rejected, society has gone downward.

How many of you are interested in going into the “family” business?  “Does God word require you to do the same thing your parents and your grandparents did?”  (asking respectfully).

Do all professions make the same amount of money?  Should I make a decision in profession solely on money?

1 Timothy 5:8 – If any one doesn’t provide for his own household, he is worse than an unbeliever!  God expects you to have a job.

Work is not a 4 letter bad word.

Adam and Eve were in a paradise and set them there to work!

Revelation 22:3 – We will worship and praise God in Heaven.

Genesis 4 – What were their occupations?

One was a farmer, one was a shepherd.

Was Cain’s problem that he wasn’t shepherd.

The two brother’s grew up and went in different directions, and that was not the problem, the problem was when someone leaves behind obedience to God.

Be the Best One You can Be…

As an employee

Ephesians 6 – Servants (employees — one under another person’s authority)

Fear – Show proper respect. It doesn’t mean you will always agree with their decisions.

We must be a submissive worker in our role.

Even in sports, when the coach says “run this play,” he doesn’t have the authority to run any other play. If he doesn’t do so, he’ll be sitting on the bench where he should be.

Who is watching me?  Even when my boss cannot see me, God sees everything I do. Ephesians 6:6

not by the way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but as bondservants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man,

As a good boss

Colossians  3

	Masters, do the same to them, and stop your threatening, knowing that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and that there is no partiality with him.

(Ephesians 6:9 ESV)

Work to please your master–your Master in Heaven knows whether or not you’ve given a fair day’s work.

Considerate of employees, caring for their needs.


Bondservants, obey in everything those who are your earthly masters, not by way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but with sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

(Colossians 3:22-24 ESV)

Eccl. 5 – The sleep of a working man is sweet.

Don’t be so good at your job that you forget the things that right

What ever you do, put right things first.

Labor not for the food which perishes.  But labor for the food that goes to everlasting life.

1 Timothy 6:7

	for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.

(1 Timothy 6:7 ESV)

What do you take with you when you die?  Don’t be such a good employee that you amass riches and nothing else.

Don’t become such a good employee that you become a bad father!

Someday, most of you will be married.

Will your wife need and deserve your attention?

Will your children need you?

Daughter: “Daddy, how much do you make an hour?”  Father: “Honey, why would you need to know that?”  Daughter: “Daddy, I was just thinking if I knew how much you made an hour, I would be able to save enough of my money to buy an hour of your time.”

Don’t become such a good employee that you become an unavailable church member.

“always abounding in the work of the Lord!”

If I am so busy in my physical job that I am not prioritizing the work of the Lord, then I living the wrong way.

Matthew 6:19-21 – Lay not up for yourselves treasures on the earth

Col. 3:1, 2 – If you then be risen with Christ… Set your affections on things above

What about being a preacher or missionary?

1 Corinthians 12 – Not everyone can be the same member of the body.

Illustration of the Response of the rest of the body to a basketball injury.

Do we need preachers in the church?

If I am a surgeon and I am able to operate on their heart and extend their life by 15 years, have I affected their eternal circumstances.

Here is a reason I love preaching:

  1. I get to touch people’s lives in eternal ways.

Can you preach and also be a tent-maker?  Paul did.

There are things you can do that will allow you to be a preacher and function in other capacities.

I hope you guys will consider preaching the Gospel.

A few years ago we visited london on a mission trip.  They are starving for spiritual food in England.  Someday everyone’s time will be up.  Can you and I help and impact them in a way that will touch them eternally?

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