Why Visits to the Mission Field are Important

Why visit to the mission field are important?

Acts 15:36

Sponsoring congregation:

You cannot oversee what you don’t see!

Semantics matters — Sponsor vs Oversee.

Eliminates confusion, especially for non-Christians, that we don’t have oversight of that congregation, but instead are sponsoring that work.

Kensington Woods church of Christ – Engages in a mission work.

It is faith building and encouraging to work together.

10 years earlier, they had been involved in a work and lost 10s of thousands of dollars on a work.

Presented a 20 year plan, they then requested a 5 year budget.  They then met with the deacons, and everyone was on board.  Then they had a all men in the congregation meeting and gave the whole plan.  Everyone was on board.  They then met with all the women of the congregation and they were on board.


For a congregation to really understand the needs, its like one man who was blind and one who was lame going who lived together on a mountain to get a stipense from the government.  The man with no legs said, “i cannot go.” The blind man said, “I cannot see, I cannot go.”

If I were dictator of the world for a day, I would require that every young person graduate from high school and then goes on a mission work for 2 years.  If I were dictator of the world for a day, I would take every young man and put them in the military for 4 years to make them learn discipline.  (Tongue in cheek, but somewhat true).

Congregations that care about your family of God, you’re going to lead, you’re going to go.

To Build Relationships.

Mission relationships are like Marriage relationships.  Communication failures.  Emails and Phone calls are not enough.  Can you imagine being married and never seeing your wife?  Only seeing her for 30 days every two years.

God doesn’t see borders.  The more we’re together, the more difference it makes–on both sides of the ocean.


Many missionaries do not feel there is an accountability process.  We will give an account.  How can we know if we don’t go?

I could not in good conscience support and work and missionary that I do not know there is an accountability process in place.  That cannot be done effectively or thoroughly without going.


How many of you have ever thought about how amazing it would be like to step back in time to walk with Jesus for a few days–we probably wouldn’t last longer than that.

The closest thing you can get to that today is to go to the mission field and see first century Christianity alive and well today in the twenty-first century.

8 out of 10 souls will live in Asia, Africa, or South America.

Test for the Day: Where are the most receptive people to the Gospel living today?  Asia, Africa, South America.

How are we going to know the needs of the missionary families.

There are many needs that go unmet — morally, socially, and spiritually — in missionary families because we don’t go.

I cannot relate to 7.2 Billion Souls.

I can relate to 30 people in a room.

I can relate to 3,000 at PTP.


Long-term missionaries are more effective.

You need an exit strategy, but you they should be planning to stay for 20 or 30 years, but to succeed, they need to be edified and built up.

Chumalla missions – local said when the first african american Christians came over to work with us, “I didn’t know there were any Black American Christians…”  My heart broke that day.


An elder that came over was transformed by the trip over and will get their fire lit to do evangelism.

God’s world is big.

It breaks my heart to hear about the mayhem

Why Visits FROM the Mission Field are Important?

Acts 14:27 – Paul came back to Antioch to come back and tell of the great work “they had accomplished”

“When they had arrived and gathered the church together, they began to tell all the things that GOD HAD DONE THROUGH THEM.”

This is where we fall short–it is not my work, it is not our work, it is God’s work.

Ironaton AL elders (congregation of 60-70 at the time) told me, a number of years ago when I was there raising support, that they had a plan to be in the mission field on every continent.



I’ve heard missionaries bash home congregations and it is wrong.  I want to come back to the home congregations and say thank you.

We need to show a sense of gratitude.


You cannot do it long-distance.

Have you ever been lonely in the mission field?  You have your wife, you might have your parents with you, but it can be lonely.

Its a lonely place and a challenging place.

Its important that we can remain connected to the missionaries and his families.

The missionaries need time to come back and rest.

There is so much good to do in the mission field that it is hard to take time off.

Awareness of World Missions

The excitement of the growth of the church.

Turn off Fox News and listen to missionary reports.

Why Are these things Important?



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