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Fovitec StudioPRO 900 Watt 16" x 24" Softbox Lighting Light Kit for Portrait and Film With Bag

My experience with these lights:

I first used these lights in the 3rd year classroom of the Memphis School of Preaching.   They were establishing a video production environment in that classroom for the purposes of live streaming to students all over the world.  The lights were hung from the drop ceiling grid and power was run to boxes in the drop ceiling and controlled by a single light switch so that a teacher could walk into the room and with a single switch turn on the three studio lights.  They were inexpensive, gave off a decent amount of light, and I don't know that a bulb has burned out in the three years since they were installed. 

I then used two of these lights to build out an office studio for a preacher in the greater nashville area.   Below is a view of the video with two lights, again hung from drop ceiling as a downward angle and then there is a tall two-bulb lamp back to the left of him that provides some backlighting.  These lights have been installed and in use for 2+ years and as well are working just fine. 


  • Inexpensive.
  • Come with light stand (if needed).
  • Light enough (in weight) to hang from drop ceiling. 
  • Softbox.
  • Decent color -- not amazing but decent.
  • Not on talent.


  •  Not true "professional" grade lighting -- these are not $600 lights -- do not pretend they are.
  • Very minimal control of brightness.  Use of two switches that control a portion of the lights. 
    Both on = full brightness. 
    One on = partial brightness.
  • CFL bulbs -- last a long time, are bright, but can break very easily and usually contain mercury -- not the best situation for travel. 

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